Minor Use Permits

What is a Minor Use Permit? A Minor Use Permit is a low-cost Use Permit that provides regulation over specified land uses that may have certain limited impacts, but do not require a full public hearing process. Minor Use Permits are approved or denied by the Planning Director based on staff recommendations and conditions for approval referenced in Zoning Code Section 6.4.2. Examples of uses include, but are not limited to, on-sale alcohol, large wineries/breweries, pawn shops, smoke shops, check cashing/payday loans, thrift stores, adult novelty stores, fence deviations, and barn setback deviations.

 What will the Permit Cost?  See the Planning and Environmental Fees page​ for current information.  The Minor Use Permit is coded "UPM".

How to Apply for a Minor Use Permit

  • Complete the Genera​l Application and required Supplemental Application listed below (if applicable). Include all relevant​​ Exhibits as listed in the General Application.

Supplemental Application Forms

​Pawn Shops

​Smoke Shops

Thrift Shops

​Check Cashing/Payday Loans

​Massage Establishments

​Adult Novelty Shops


​Large Family Day Care

​Residential Care Homes

​Farm Worker Housing

​Private School

​Child Care Center