Planning and Environmental Review Contacts

Planning and Environmental Review Main Reception

  • Phone: 916.874.6141
  • Fax: 916.874.7499
  • Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (Physical Office Open By Appointment Only)

Planning & Environmental Review Related Questions

Sacramento County Building Assistance Center

Note: The public entrance is off of G Street, approaching 7th Street. If you park in the County parking lot at 725 7th Street, the County will 

provide parking validation for one hour. Parking validation is only provided for customers coming to the Building Assistance Center.

 Mailing Address

Office of Planning and Environmental Review 
827 7th Street, Room 225
Sacramento, CA 95814 

Staff Listing, Alphabetically and by Section 




Todd Smith

Planning Dire​ctor

Public​ Information

For General Planning and

Land ​​Use Inquiries

Please review FAQ prior to initiating an inquiry.


Belin​da Wekesa-Batts

Accounting​ ​Manager

Joy Oler

Administrative Services Officer I​​ 

Kimberly Reading

Administrative Services Officer I

Admi​nistration Staff

​Cathy Perrault​    


​​Nhut Le  


​Andrea Guerra

Senior Office Assistant

​Jessica Love

​​Office Assistant II


Justin Maulit

Office Assistant II                 

Ruby Alquicira

Account Clerk II               

​Cu​​​rrent Planning

Jessica Brandt

​Principal Planner


Senior Planner

Kimber Gutierrez

Senior Planner

Dustin Littrell

Design Review Administrator        

Current Planning: Staff

Emma Patten

Associate Planner

​​​​Nate Doberneck​​

​​Associate Planner


​​​​David Oulrey-Urroz

​​Associate Planner​


​​​​​Emma Carrico

​Associate Planner​​

Michael Wall

Associate Landscape Architect                

​John Channell

Assistant Landscape Architect​            

​Cristian Baltazar

​Assistant Planner


​​​Irving Huerta

​​​Assistant Planner


Rebecca True

Assistant Planner


​Riley Sholes

Assistant Planner                 

​Austin Chan

​Assistant Planner

Chris Baker

​GIS Analyst II

Environmental Review

Joelle Inman

Principal Planner

Meg DeCourcy

Senior Planner

Julie Newton

Senior Planner​​

​Candise Vogel

​Associate Planner 


Environmental Review: Staff

​John Barnard 

​Associate Planner

Rebecca Bo​schee

Associate Planner


Joshua Greetan

Associate Planner​

Carol Gregory

Associate Planner

Alison Little

Associate Planner 

​Kevin Messerschmidt​

​​Associate Planner​


​​​​Eric Stackhouse

​​Associate Planner​


Kurtis Steinert

Associate Planner

Clare Williams

Assistant Planner


Long Range Planning & Master Plans


Principal Planner

Leanne Mueller

Senior Planner​​

​​​Todd Taylor​

​Senior Planner​​


Long Range Planning & Master Plans: Staff

Kristi Grabow

Associate Planner

Young Choi        

Associate Planner

Zoning Administration  

Wendy Hartman

Principal Planner​​​

Mark Michelini

Senior Planner ​

Jessie Shen

Senior Planner

                 Zoning Administration: Staff

Michelle Nagao

​Associate Planner

​​​Lauren Haas​

​​​​Associate Planner​

Jacob Dawe

Associate Planner    

​Jack Polenske

​Assistant Planner

​Bonnie Cheung

​Assistant Planner


​Regina Weiss

Assistant Planner