Planning and Environmental Review Contacts

Planning and Environmental Review Main Reception

  • Phone: 916.874.6141
  • Fax: 916.874.7499​
  • Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.​ (Physical Office Open By Appointment Only)

Planning & Environmental Review Related Questions

Sacramento County Building Assistance Center (By Appointment Only)

Note: The public entrance is off of G Street, approaching 7th Street. If you park in the County parking lot at 725 7th Street, the County will 

provide ​parking validation for one hour. Parking validation is ​only provided for customers coming to the Building Assistance Center.​

 Mailing Address​

Office of Planning and Environmental Review ​
827 7th Street, Room 225
Sacramento, CA 95814 

Staff Li​sting, Alphabetically and by Section​​ 

Name​ ​Title ​​Email
Leighann Moffitt​ Planning Director​
​Raven Raimond
​Public Information
​For General Planning and
Land Use Inquiries
Please review FAQ​ prior to initiating​ an inquiry.
Administration ​ ​ ​
​Belinda ​ Wekesa-Batts​Accounting Manager
​Joy Oler
Administrative Services Officer​ 
Kimberly Reading
​Administrative Services Officer 1

Administration Staff
Alquicira, Ruby
Account Clerk II
​Ehler, Lecia 
Guerra, ​Andrea ​Senior Office Assistant guerraa@saccou​
​Love, Jessica
​Office Assistant II
Maulit​, Justin
Office Assistant II​
Xedes, ​Diana
​Accounting Technician
Current Planning
​Chris Pahule​Principal
​Jessica Brandt
Senior Planner
​Kimber Gutierrez
​Senior Planner
​Manuel Mejia ​Senior Planner
​Dustin Littrell
Design Review Administrator 
​Current Planning: Staff

Baker, Chris

​GIS Analyst II
​Cynn, Sarah
​Assistant Planner
​Fox, Desirae
​Assistant Planner
Holsworth, Meredith​Associate
​Oulrey, David
​Assistant Planner
Patten, Emma
​Tierney, Gemma
Assistant Planner
​True, Rebecca
Assistant Planner​
Wall, Michael
​Landscape Architect

Environmental Review​ ​ ​ ​
Joelle Inman
​Principal Planner
Marianne Biner
​Senior Planner
​Meg DeCourcy
​Senior Planner
​Julie Newton​
​Senior Planner

Environmental Review: Staff
Boschee, ​Rebecca
​Associate Planner
Greetan, Jo​shua ​Associate Planner​
Gregory, Carol
​Associate Planner
Little, Alison
Associate Planner 
​Stackhouse, Eric
​Mitigation Monitoring
Steinert, Kurtis
​Associate Planner
Williams, Clare
Tree Coordinator
​ ​​

Long Range Planning​ & Master Plans

Todd Smith​Principal
​John Lundgren
​Leanne Mueller
​Senior Planner

Long Range Planning​ & Master Plans: Staff

​Choi, Young
​Associate Planner
Grabow, Kristi
Associate Planner​​​
Rose, Kate
​Shaver, Haley
​Associate Planner
Taylor, Todd​Associate

Zoning Administration​  ​
​Wendy Hartman
​​Principal Planner
​Mark Michelini
​Senior Planner 
Shen, Jessie
​Senior Planner 

​Zoning Administration: Staff

​Dawe, Jacob
​Planning Technician
​Haas, Lauren
​Assistant Planner
Messerschmitt, Kevin
​Associate Planner
Nagao, Michelle 
​Associate Planner
​Nguyen, Thomas
​Assistant Planner​​
Polenske , Jack
​Assistant Planner
Rosas, Daniel
​Vogt, Thomas
​Associate Planner​