Community Planning Advisory Councils (CPAC)

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General Information on CPAC Role and Process

CPAC Role - The Community Planning Advisory Councils were created in the unincorporated County to facilitate and encourage direct citizen participation early in the planning process when it is easier for project proponents and decision-makers to respond to public concerns. The primary purpose of the CPAC is to gather community response to proposed projects. The projects reviewed range from broad policy questions that apply countywide, to small development projects of local interest. Entitlements reviewed include General Plan and Zoning Code amendments to plans, zoning matters and use permits.

CPAC Process - During a typical meeting, project applicants will present the project to the CPAC and audience. The council will ask questions and express any of their concerns. After, the audience will be asked for input on the project. General public response/specific concerns are recorded in the CPAC minutes and forwarded to Planning and Environmental Review for inclusion in the staff report to the hearing body(s).

CPAC Follow-Up - Citizens should be aware that CPAC minutes usually report simple public responses and do not provide detail. Therefore, citizens may want to provide input directly to the subsequent hearing body(s) through letters or public testimony during the hearing. Note: CPACs are advisory only and do not make final decisions. CPAC recommendations and neighborhood input, however, are carefully weighed by the final decision-making bodies.

Make a Difference - Become a CPAC Member

CPAC members are appointed by the County Supervisor for that community.  This voluntary membership gives you a seat and a vote at the CPAC meeting. Members are expected to attend the monthly meeting and may have occasional responsibilities related to meeting preparation.

To apply for a seat on your CPAC, view and fill out the Application with Instructions​. You may also visit the Boards and Commissions page for additional information.

Information for CPAC Members

Procedural Information for CPAC members

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Informational Presentations from Past CPAC Training

​​2018 CPAC Training Materials

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2016 CPAC Training Materials

Current CPAC Meetings

To determine the Community Planning Advisory Council related to a project, view CPAC Boundaries Map.

Archived CPAC Meeting Documents -  2020 and prior​​

​ Additional Archived CPAC Documents

  • Florin-Vineyard Gap Limited duration joint meeting of the Vineyard and South Sacramento CPACs to deliberate on the Florin-Vineyard Gap project.
  • Franklin/Laguna  This CPAC was disbanded upon absorption of the area by the City of Elk Grove.