South Sacramento Habitat Conservation Plan

Project Summary

The South Sacramento Habitat Conservation Plan (SSHCP) is a regional approach to addressing issues related to urban development, habitat conservation and agricultural protection. The SSHCP will consolidate environmental efforts to protect and enhance wetlands (primarily vernal pools) and upland habitats to provide ecologically viable conservation areas. It will also minimize regulatory hurdles and streamline the permitting process for development projects by delegating the permitting authority to Sacramento County and our partners (City of Rancho Cordova, City of Galt, Sacramento County Water Agency, Sacramento Regional Count​y Sanitation District, and the Capital Southeast Connector JPA).

The County of Sacramento, newly-formed South Sacramento Conservation Agency, and our partners are currently engaged in a collaborative effort with state and federal regulatory agencies to implement the South Sacra​mento Habitat Conservation Plan​. For more information please visit the South Sacramento Habitat Conservation Plan website at  

​​​Informational Documents

Coming Soon

​​​County staff is currently developing a screening form and permit application. When available, forms will be located on the Application Forms page.​

For specific questions regarding the South Sacramento Habitat Conservation Plan, please contact Your questions will be fowarded to the Environmental Review section.​

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