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The Zoning Administrator takes final action on minor use permits and variances.  Zoning Administrator actions can be appealed to the Board of Zoning Appeals.

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collapse Year : 2021 ‎(7)
ZA Agenda 3-3-2021.pdf3/3/2021AgendaZA Agenda 3-3-2021
ZA Agenda 2-17-2021.pdf2/17/2021AgendaZA Agenda 2-17-2021
ZA Agenda 2-3-2021.pdf2/3/2021AgendaZA Agenda 2-3-2021
ZA Action Summary 2-3-2021.pdf2/3/2021Action SummariesZA Action Summary 2-3-2021
ZA Agenda 1-20-2021.pdf1/20/2021AgendaZA Agenda 1-20-2021
ZA Action Summary 1-20-2021.pdf1/20/2021Action SummariesZA Action Summary 1-20-2021
ZA Cancellation Notice 1-6-2021.pdf1/6/2021AgendaZA Cancellation Notice 1-6-2021
collapse Year : 2020 ‎(33)
ZA Cancellation Notice 12-16-2020.pdf12/16/2020AgendaZA Cancellation Notice 12-16-2020
ZA Agenda 12-2-2020.pdf12/2/2020AgendaZA Agenda 12-2-2020
ZA Action Summary 12-2-2020.pdf12/2/2020Action SummariesZA Action Summary 12-2-2020
ZA Cancellation Notice 11-18-2020.pdf11/18/2020AgendaZA Cancellation Notice 11-18-2020
ZA Cancellation Notice 11-4-2020.pdf11/4/2020AgendaZA Cancellation Notice 11-4-2020
ZA Agenda 10-21-2020.pdf10/21/2020AgendaZA Agenda 10-21-2020
ZA Action Summary 10-21-2020.pdf10/21/2020Action SummariesZA Action Summary 10-21-2020
ZA Cancellation Notice 10-7-2020.pdf10/7/2020AgendaZA Cancellation Notice 10-7-2020
ZA Cancellation Notice 9-16-2020.pdf9/16/2020AgendaZA Cancellation Notice 9-16-2020
ZA Agenda 9-2-2020.pdf9/2/2020AgendaZA Agenda 9-2-2020
ZA Action Summary 9-2-2020.pdf9/2/2020Action SummariesZA Action Summary 9-2-2020
ZA Agenda 8-19-2020.pdf8/19/2020AgendaZA Agenda 8-19-2020
ZA Action Summary 8-19-20.pdf8/19/2020Action SummariesZA Action Summary 8-19-20
ZA Cancellation Notice 8-5-2020.pdf8/5/2020AgendaZA Cancellation Notice 8-5-2020
ZA Cancellation Notice 7-15-2020.pdf7/15/2020AgendaZA Cancellation Notice 7-15-2020
ZA Agenda 7-1-2020.pdf7/1/2020AgendaZA Agenda 7-1-2020
ZA Action Summary 7-1-2020.pdf7/1/2020Action SummariesZA Action Summary 7-1-2020
ZA Cancellation Notice 6-17-2020.pdf6/17/2020AgendaZA Cancellation Notice 6-17-2020
ZA Cancellation Notice 6-3-2020.pdf6/3/2020AgendaZA Cancellation Notice 6-3-2020
ZA Agenda 5-20-2020.pdf5/20/2020AgendaZA Agenda 5-20-2020
ZA Action Summary 5-20-2020.pdf5/20/2020Action SummariesZA Action Summary 5-20-2020
ZA Cancellation Notice 5-6-2020.pdf5/6/2020AgendaZA Cancellation Notice 5-6-2020
REVISED ZA Agenda 4-15-2020.pdf4/15/2020AgendaREVISED ZA Agenda 4-15-2020
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