Subdivision Review Committee

This committee takes final action on parcel maps (4 parcels or less) that do not require hearings at the Community Planning Advisory Council (CPAC), or the County Planning Commission. Their actions can be appealed to the County Planning Commission.

Meetings and Agendas

SRC meetings are regularly scheduled for the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month and are open to the public. 

Note: SRC will continue to be conducted on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month. However, starting March 7th, 2019, SRC will be held in Hearing Room 2, adjacent to the Board Chambers.

Subdivision Review Committee Documents

To view documents, click the + next to Year, and then click on the link to the document you want to see. For alternative versions of these documents, please contact the Office of Planning and Environmental Review at ​

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SRC Agenda 10-17-2019.pdfSRC Agenda 10-17-201910/17/2019Agenda
SRC Cancellation Notice 10-3-2019.pdfSRC Cancellation Notice 10-3-201910/3/2019Agenda
SRC Cancellation Notice 9-19-2019.pdfSRC Cancellation Notice 9-19-20199/19/2019Agenda
SRC Agenda 9-5-2019.pdfSRC Agenda 9-5-20199/5/2019Agenda
SRC Action Summary 9-5-2019.pdfSRC Action Summary 9-5-20199/5/2019Action Summaries
SRC Cancellation Notice 8-15-2019.pdfSRC Cancellation Notice 8-15-20198/15/2019Agenda
SRC Agenda 8-1-2019.pdfSRC Agenda 8-1-20198/1/2019Agenda
SRC Action Summary 8-1-2019.pdfSRC Action Summary 8-1-20198/1/2019Action Summaries
SRC Agenda 7-18-2019.pdfSRC Agenda 7-18-20197/18/2019Agenda
SRC Action Summary 7-18-2019.pdfSRC Action Summary 7-18-20197/18/2019Action Summaries
SRC Cancellation Notice 7-4-2019.pdfSRC Cancellation Notice 7-4-20197/4/2019Agenda
SRC Agenda 6-20-2019.pdfSRC Agenda 6-20-20196/20/2019Agenda
SRC Action Summary 6-20-2019.pdfSRC Action Summary 6-20-20196/20/2019Action Summaries
SRC Agenda 6-6-2019.pdfSRC Agenda 6-6-20196/6/2019Agenda
SRC Action Summary 6-6-2019.pdfSRC Action Summary 6-6-20196/6/2019Action Summaries
SRC Cancellation Notice 5-16-2019.pdfSRC Cancellation Notice 5-16-20195/16/2019Agenda
SRC Agenda 5-2-2019.pdfSRC Agenda 5-2-20195/2/2019Agenda
SRC Action Summary 5-2-2019.pdfSRC Action Summary 5-2-20195/2/2019Action Summaries
SRC Cancellation Notice 4-18-2019.pdfSRC Cancellation Notice 4-18-20194/18/2019Agenda
SRC Cancellation Notice 4-4-2019.pdfSRC Cancellation Notice 4-4-20194/4/2019Agenda
SRC Agenda 3-21-2019.pdfSRC Agenda 3-21-20193/21/2019Agenda
SRC Action Summary 3-21-2019.pdfSRC Action Summary 3-21-20193/21/2019Action Summaries
SRC Cancellation Notice 3-7-2019.pdfSRC Cancellation Notice 3-7-20193/7/2019Agenda
SRC Agenda 2-21-2019.pdfSRC Agenda 2-21-20192/21/2019Agenda
SRC Action Summary 2-21-2019.pdfSRC Action Summary 2-21-20192/21/2019Action Summaries
SRC Cancellation Notice 2-7-2019.pdfSRC Cancellation Notice 2-7-20192/7/2019Agenda
SRC Cancellation Notice 1-17-2019.pdfSRC Cancellation Notice 1-17-20191/17/2019Agenda
SRC Agenda 1-3-2019.pdfSRC Agenda 1-3-20191/3/2019Agenda
SRC Action Summary 1-3-2019.pdfSRC Action Summary 1-3-20191/3/2019Action Summaries
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SRC Agenda 12-20-2018.pdfSRC Agenda 12-20-201812/20/2018Agenda
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