Short-Term Rental Permits


Sacramento County issues Short-Term Rental (STR) Permits to allow for short-term home and/or room rental services for 29 days or less, on an accessory basis. The purpose of this permit is to implement operating conditions that will mitigate negative impacts and to ensure that the use of the property for short-term rental purposes will be compatible with the surrounding neighborhood.

*The short-term rental must remain an accessory use to your full-time occupancy.

Under no circumstance shall the short-term rental services become the primary use of the property.*

Interested in operating a Short-Term Rental on your property?  

Please visit RentalScape to apply for a Permit, Business License, and register to pay Transient Occupancy Tax.  We no longer accept Short-Term Rental Permit (STRP) applications in our office, through the mail, or through the email.  The RentalScape website can be accessed here​ or through the QR code below.​ 

Please note, if you have previously obtained a Short-Term Rental Permit and need to submit for a renewal, the request must still be made through the RentalScape website. ​


For additional information, contact us at​