Infill Development Program

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​Infill Program​ 

Sacramento County was awarded a State grant to fund the development of programs and policies that accelerate housing production. A portion of the grant funding is being used to restart work on the Infill Program that was established by the Board of Supervisors in 2008.

​What is Infill?

Infill is the development of vacant or underutilized sites in an existing community for a greater or higher use that benefits the community. Infill development can consist of building on vacant lots, reuse of underutilized sites such as parking lots or vacant shopping centers and old industrial sites, and rehabilitation or expansion of existing buildings. This approach to development focuses new construction within existing communities, bringing a number of environmental, economic, and social, benefits. 

How Will Staff Restart the Infill Program?

In 2008, the Board of Supervisors adopted the Infill Pro​gram and Principles​. This document guided the development of the tasks in the State Local Early Action Planning (LEA​​​P) Grant. The Infill Program and Principles generally direct staff to achieve the following: 

  1. Create regulations that support infill;

  2. Provide incentives for infill;

  3. Involve the community;

  4. Guide infill projects through the development process; and

  5. Reduce and remove barriers to infill.

Project Timeline

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Who will be involved?​ 

We anticipate that this effort will involve collaboration with other County departments, partner agencies, local non-profits, and members of the public. Although no public outreach meetings have yet been scheduled, information on upcoming meetings will be posted on this webpage.

Contact Information

Todd Taylor, Senior​ Planner  ​​