Mather South Community Master Plan

​Project Summary

The Mather South Community Master Plan within the Mather Field Special Planning Area is focused on redevelopment of the former Mather Air Force Base. County Economic Development has partnered with Mather South LLC to master plan and develop approximately 848 acres that is generally bounded by the Mather Golf Course and Mather Lake to the north, the Folsom South Canal to the east, Kiefer Boulevard to the south and the Mather Preserve and Zinfandel Drive to the west.

​Mather Field

The Mather Field project consists of amendments to the existing General Plan, Specific Plan, and Special Planning Area (SPA) land use designations and allows the road and sewer extension of Zinfandel Drive.  Some of the proposed land use designation changes require further evaluation of the Mather South Community Master Plan as a separate entitlement process, which will also require additional environmental review.  The Board of Supervisors adopted the Mather Field project on July 26, 2016.  In September 2015, the Board directed County staff to work with numerous neighborhood and environmental groups through a stakeholder process, this process resulted in a revised overall land use concept plan for Mather Field, which subsequently affected the Mather South Community Master Plan prompting a revised land use plan and need for the re-release of the Notice of Preparation (NOP).

​Mather South

Mather South LLC submitted a revised land use concept plan in May 2018. Proposed uses include approximately 3,522 residential dwelling units, a 28-acre Environmental Education Campus, a 22-acre Research and Development Campus, 21 acres of commercial-retail with up to 185,000 sq. ft. of retail space , 44 acres of parkland including 22 acres of neighborhood parks and a 22-acre community park, and 210 acres of open space areas which includes 53 acres of the Mather Preserve, natural preserves, drainage corridors, storm water quality and detention basins, landscape buffers, and public utility corridors all connected by multi-use pedestrian and bicycle trails

The Mather South application includes requests to amend various elements of the General Plan, including amending the Land Use Diagram, Transportation Diagram and Bikeway Master Plan; a Specific Plan Amendment to amend the Mather Field Specific Plan, adoption of the Mather South Community Master Plan; a Zoning Ordinance Amendment of the Mather Field Special Planning Area; adoption of a Development Agreement; adoption of an Urban Services Plan; and amendment of the Mather Field Public Facilities Financing Plan.

Current Status

The Board of Supervisors is scheduled to conduct a public hearing on the Mather South project on January 28, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. (PST)

Project Materials​​​

Prior Materials on the Mather South Community Master Plan

Master Plan Application

Master Plan Application (Revised pg 12 and 15)

Staff Report to the Board for May 21, 2013

Staff Report to the Board for June 10, 2014


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