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​In September 2016, the State Legislature passed Senate Bill 1000 (SB 1000) which requires cities and counties with disadvantaged communities to incorporate environmental justice (EJ) policies into their general plans. This must happen upon the adoption or next revision of two or more elements concurrently on or after January 1, 2018. In response to this legislation, the Office of Planning and Environmental Review is preparing to amend the County’s General Plan to include a new stand-alone Environmental Justice Element.

Sacramento County's new Environmental Justice Element will cover the following topical areas:

  • Pollution Exposure and Air Quality
  • Access to Public Facilities
  • Food Access
  • Safe and Sanitary Homes
  • Promotion of Physical Activity
  • Promotion of Civic Engagement
  • Crime Prevention​​​


Sacramento County's Environmental Justice Element will be adopted and refined over two phases.  Phase 1 included preliminary outreach, baseline research, and a scoping of existing policies with the General Plan for inclusion in the EJ Element.  The Phase 1 Element was adopted by the Board of Supervisors on May 8, 2018. Phase 2 will refine the efforts of Phase 1 through in depth public outreach, development of new policies and revision or removal of outdated General Plan policies. Phase 2 will be completed within 12 months after the adoption of the Phase 1 EJ Element.  The geographic focus of the policies and implementations of the EJ Element are Environmental Justice Communities (EJ Communities).  

Environmental Justice Communities Map

Updated Draft Phase 2 Environmental Justice Element and Draft Supporting Research Documents are Available

These documents have been updated to incorporate changes and improvements suggested since their original release.  Two versions are provided, a clean version and one that tracks changes by indicating deletions in strikethrough and additions in Bold and Underline.

Public Hearings​

Planning Co​mmission Hearing - October 28, 2019

The Planning Comission reviewed the Phase 2 Environmental Justice Element on October 28, 2019 and unanimously recommended approval to the Board of Supervisors. The agenda for the hearing is available her​e​

Please see this page​ for the staff report and attachments.

We Still Want Your Comments!​

We still want to hear from you on our proposed policies and implementation measures for the Phase 2 Environmental Justice Element.  It is still not too late to suggest changes or develop new ones!  Please send your comments to EnvJustice@saccounty.net​ by November 15th, 2019.

Community Planning Advisory Council Meet​ings 

The Phase 2 Environmental Justice Element was presented to the Community Planning Advisory Councils (CPACs) during August and September, 2019. The following shows the time and location of the ​meetings:

​CPAC​Date and Time​Location

Sept 26 - 7:00 PM

(4th Thursday of the month)

​Swanston Community Center,

2350 Northrup Ave,

Sacramento, CA 95825

​Carmichael/Old Foothill Farms

​Aug 21 - 6:30 PM

(3rd Wednesday of the month)

​Carmichael Library

5605 Marconi Avenue,

Carmichael, CA 95608

​North Highlands/Foothill Farms

Aug 27 - 7:00 PM

(4th Tuesday of the month)

Twin Rivers Unified School District

5115 Dudley Blvd, Bay A,

McClellan, CA 95823

​South Sacramento

​Sept 18 - 6:30 PM

(3rd Wednesday of the month)

​Sheriff Community Room,

7000 65th Street, Suite B,

Sacramento, CA 95823


​Sept 3 - 7:00 PM

(1st Tuesday of the month)

​Smedberg Middle School Library

8239 Kingsbridge Drive,

Sacramento, CA 95829

(Location occasionally changes)

At the CPAC meetings, staff presented a Powerpoint presentation that covered Environmental Justice, the Environmental Justice Element project, and major proposed policies/implementation measures that are relevant to the particular community. CPAC member and public comments were used to make refinements to the list of proposed EJ Element policies/implementation measures.

Phase 2 Public Outreach

An extensive public engagement effort was und​ertaken during 2018 consisting of “pop-up" booths at community events, a web survey, community workshops and community meetings. The purpose of this effort was to confirm baseline research (ground-truthing), determine community residents' priorities, identify community issues and allow residents to propose policy ideas that address those issues.

Pop-Up Booths Surveys

Staff set up a “pop-up" booth at seven community events in EJ Communities during the summer and fall of 2018, where booth visitors took a survey to receive a small prize. Staff tabulated the responses and prepared response summaries (See below for responses organized by topic). There were over 100 responses from individuals who lived within or near EJ Communities.

Web Survey

Staff, with assistance from the EJ Element Advisory Committee, developed a web survey that asked survey participants to answer questions by choosing three items from a list.  Each question was related to an environmental justice topic and selected items enabled staff to determine respondent’s priorities.  The web survey was open to the public during October and November 2018. Almost 500 individuals from zi​p codes that included EJ Communities took the survey. Summaries of the responses by co​​mmunity and a summary of the most common responses are below.

Community Workshops

To provide more opportunities for public input, staff and Advisory Committee members conducted community workshops in West Arden-Arcade (October 16, 2018), South Sacramento (October 25, 2018), and North Highlands/Foothill Farms (January 22, 2019). Workshop participants identified community issues and ways to address those issues. See below for tabulation of comments received at the workshops.


For general inquiries regarding the EJ Element, please contact Tim Kohaya at (916) 874-5982 or kohayat@saccounty.net.

Additional Information

For additional information regarding the EJ effort in California, see the websites listed below.

​Upcoming Events - 

  • ​Phase 2 Environmental Justice Element was reviewed by the Planning Commission on October 28, 2019. The staff report and attachments are now available! We are also still accepting comments on proposed policies and implementation measures.
  • Draft Phase 2 EJ Element Document and Supporting Research Document now available!
  • Community Planning Advisory Council Meetings were held in August and September, 2019. Please scroll down this page to see the schedule.