COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Use Permits


On March 5, 2020, Sacramento County proclaimed a public health emergency.  The outbreak and associated response to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 globally and in the Sacramento Community has disrupted normal business operations.  The County adopted Amendments to the County Zoning Code (Ordinance BOS-1592) to allow for certain businesses to operate in outdoor areas and for the Planning Director (or designee) the ability to issue Permits for Emergency Temporary Use of Property (Zoning Code Section 3.10.3.K) to help address disruptions in normal business operations.  ​​​

​​​Mega Events

EMD now provides Sacramento County COVID-19 Mega Event Guidance - Beyond the Blueprint (Updated 8/30/21)​ prior to any group holding an event or gathering, public or private.

Industry Guidance

The Sacramento County Environmental Management Department (EMD) has developed a webpage for industry guidance on complying with County Public Health Orders, visit EMD COVID-19 Information​.  


Restaurants, Barbers/Hair Salons, Nail Salons, Massage and Personal Services  

The California Department of Consumer Affairs and the County have developed strict guidelines for the standardized operation of these types of businesses.  Prior to operating outdoors, these businesses shall self-certify that they comply with the County Temporary Outdoor Use Area Regulations.  It is the business owner’s obligation to review the self-certification checklist and to ensure that their employees are familiar with the requirements and that their business is operating in a manner consistent with the requirements listed in the self-certification checklist.​  The checklist does not need to be submitted to the County.​


There is no cost associated with the Self-Certification Checklist.

Application Form

Self-Certification Checklist


Temporary use of outdoor areas for restaurants and personal services is valid so long as the emergency order preventing indoor operations at full capacity is in effect.

Emergency Temporary Use Permit

Other Types of Businesses and Temporary Uses related to COVID-19

Other businesses may have more complex requests; which in some cases may require preliminary approval from the Board of Supervisors.  These requests should utilize the Emergency Temporary Use Permit Application Form (ETUZ).


ETUZ requests that do not require preliminary approval from​ the Board of Supervisors are subject to an application fee of $495.33 (fee currently waived).  If the Planning Director cannot make the findings pursuant to Zoning Code Section 3.10.3.K.2, as listed in the form below, you will be notified that the request requires approval from the Board of Supervisors and a fee deposit of $2,679.38 will be required to process the request.  

Application Form

Emergency Temporary Use Permi​t Application Form (ETUZ).  


ETUZ permits may be granted for up to one year depending on the circumstances of the request.

Purpose of COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Permits

  • Allow businesses to meet requirements for social distancing by operating outdoors or other alterations to their current business operations. 
  • Prevent conflicts with other adjacent businesses or residential uses and ensure outdoor operations will not significantly interfere with pedestrian or vehicular traffic or otherwise constitute a health and safety risk.
  • Provide flexible operations allowances where they may not be otherwise permitted by County Code.

Application Submittal Procedure

Please send a complete ETUZ application form to 

More information on our online submittal process can be found on our Applications webpage.​​