Accessory Dwelling Units


  • On April 10 2018, the County Board of Supervisors adopted amendments to the Zoning Code pertaining to the regulations of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) in the unincorporated Sacramento County. These amendments were enacted to align the County's regulations of ADUs with that of the State of California.


What is an ADU?

  • An ADU is allowed in all Agricultural, Agricultural-Residential, and Residential zones in the unincorporated County, provided that the property is developed with a single-family residence, and the ADU is developed in compliance with Zoning Code development standards.

  • Generally, an ADU is an accessory structure that is developed for sleeping (or habitation) purposes. The ADU can include a full or partial kitchen, and full or partial bathroom. Partial kitchen or bathroom facilities are only allowed if the unit has access to full facilities on the property, for example in the primary dwelling. The ADU must have water and sanitation service.

Can I Build an ADU?

  • All ADUs that meet the required Zoning Code development standards must obtain an Accessory Dwelling Unit Administrative Permit (ADUAP) . These permits will be reviewed at a staff level, with an expected turnaround of one to two weeks. Below are the applicable application documents for the ADUAP.

ADUAP Application ​Instructions



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