Vineyard Springs Comprehensive Plan

The Vineyard Springs Comprehensive Plan was initiated to provide for the orderly and systematic development of the planning area consistent with the resolution adopted by the Board supporting a comprehensive approach for the future planning of the Vineyard Urban Growth Area. The Vineyard Springs Comprehensive Plan serves as a policy and regulatory document. The Comprehensive Plan provides a complete framework for development of all uses described in the Plan area and includes these components and features:

  • Written and graphic descriptions that specify the distribution, location and extent of land uses;
  • Policies, design guidelines and development standards that strive to blend the concepts of the General Plan with the dynamics of the local community area, and;
  • Written and graphic description of the location, extent and cost of public facilities required to serve ultimate development of the Plan area.

Project Boundaries, Size and Location

The Vineyard Springs Plan area is located in the south-central portion of Sacramento County, approximately 13 miles southeast of the central core and north of the city of Elk Grove. The project area consists of 2,650± acres located within the Vineyard Community Planning Area. The Comprehensive Plan area is bounded by Gerber Road to the north, Calvine Road to the south, Excelsior Road on the east, and Bradshaw Road on the west.

A copy of the Vineyard Springs Comprehensive Plan text can be purchased ($15.00) from the Community Planning and Development Department, Planning Division. Please contact the Front Counter staff at 874-6221 to purchase a copy of the Comprehensive Plan text. If you have any questions regarding the Vineyard Springs Comprehensive Plan, please contact Surinder Sing, Principal Planner at 874-5462.