Rancho Murieta North

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Project Summary

Project Location

The project site includes approximately 772.2 acres located in the Rancho Murieta community.  The project is accessed from Murieta Parkway, which features a gated entrance at Jackson Highway (Highway 16).

Proposed Land Uses

Proposed uses include 795 single-family lots on approximately 338 acres (Villages "A" through "H"); approximately 393 acres of parks, recreation, and open space;  approximately 39 acres of General Commercial; and approximately 3 acres for a community information area, non-residential in nature.

Entitlements Requested

The request includes a Zoning Ordinance Amendment, a Rezone, a Large Lot Tentative Subdivision Map, Small Lot Tentative Subdivision Maps, a Use Permit, a Special Development Permit, and a Design Review.  Details of these entitlement requests can be found under the "Project Documents" heading below.

​Project Documents

Public Meetings

This section will list all County public meetings, past and scheduled, for the proposal.  Links to the materials are included below.  To receive updates on the project, please sign up using the link at the top of the page for email updates.

Scheduled Meeting​s

To Be Announced 

Past Meetings and Materials

Project History

The application was filed in October 2014, with an initial request for 925 single-family lots, recreation/park/open space, and a 39.8 acre commercial development.  A request for additional information was sent to the applicant by the County on January 6, 2015.  Subsequent project revisions were submitted to the County in January 2015 and September 2015, which included a reduction in residential parcels from 925 to 827 units.  A stakeholder group meeting series occurred between June and November 2016 (see above section, "Rancho Murieta North Stakeholder Group Meetings", for additional information).  The most recent revision, dated April 20, 2017, included a reduction in the number of single-family lots from 827 to 795.​

Superseded Documents (no longer proposed)

Items of Interest


​Sacramento County Office of Planning and Environmental Review

    • ​​​Jessie Shen, Project Manager
      • ​​(916) 875-3711, shenj@saccounty.net