Old Florin Town Special Planning Area

​Project Description:

The Old Florin Town (OFT) Special Planning Area (SPA) is a result of several years of community outreach and vision. The OFT SPA program builds upon several parallel and interconnected revitalization efforts to make the town as a vibrant, healthy and focal point for the Florin community. The adopted OFT SPA document includes the following three key planning objectives:

  • Preservation of the historic village center
  • Re-designation of lands for additional housing opportunities
  • A set of development standards and design guidelines to promote high quality developments

Project Location / Boundary:

The Old Town Florin Plan area comprises 318 parcels made up of approximately 430 acres located with the County of Sacramento. The subject properties are located within the unincorporated area of Sacramento County, along Florin Road approximately between Power Inn Road and Florin Perkins Road/French Road, in the South Sacramento Community Plan area.

Project Status:

The Old Florin Town SPA was approved by the County Board of Supervisors on July 20, 2011. Please click on the following links to view final approved documents.

Old Florin Town SPA document (adopted July 20. 2011)


Joelle Inman inmanj@saccounty.net (916) 874-7575
Department of Planning and Community Development

Background and History

Old Florin Town SPA Background and History