Southeast Area Community Planning Advisory Council

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Meeting Day and Time:  4th Thursday of the month, 7:00 p.m.

Location: ​Herald Community Center, Hendrickson Hall. 12746 Ivie Road, Herald, CA ​95638

Submitting Comments: You may provide comments on projects to CPAC members at the following email:  Please identify the relevant project using the project name, control number or address.

Sacramento County PER Staff Representatives for Southeast Area CPAC:
Michelle Nagao, Associate Planner - - (916) 874-7523

Southeast CPAC Agendas and Minutes: To view meeting documents, click on the “year” below to expand or collapse the available agendas and minutes for that year. Click on the document you want to see. For alternative versions of these documents, please contact the Planning and Environmental Review Division at ​

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collapse Year : 2021 ‎(2)
Southeast CPAC Agenda 2-25-2021.pdf2/25/2021AgendaSoutheast CPAC Agenda 2-25-2021
Southeast CPAC Cancellation Notice 1-28-2021.pdf1/28/2021AgendaSoutheast CPAC Cancellation Notice 1-28-2021
collapse Year : 2020 ‎(15)
Southeast CPAC Cancellation Notice 12-24-2020.pdf12/24/2020AgendaSoutheast CPAC Cancellation Notice 12-24-2020
Southeast CPAC Cancellation Notice 11-26-2020.pdf11/26/2020AgendaSoutheast CPAC Cancellation Notice 11-26-2020
Southeast CPAC Agenda 10-22-2020.pdf10/22/2020AgendaSoutheast CPAC Agenda 10-22-2020
Southeast CPAC Action Summary 10-22-2020.pdf10/22/2020Action SummarySoutheast CPAC Action Summary 10-22-2020
Southeast CPAC Agenda 9-24-2020.pdf9/24/2020AgendaSoutheast CPAC Agenda 9-24-2020
Southeast CPAC Action Summary  9-24-2020.pdf9/24/2020Action SummarySoutheast CPAC Action Summary 9-24-2020
Southeast CPAC Cancellation Notice 8-27-2020.pdf8/27/2020AgendaSoutheast CPAC Cancellation Notice 8-27-2020
Southeast CPAC Cancellation Notice 7-23-2020.pdf7/23/2020AgendaSoutheast CPAC Cancellation Notice 7-23-2020
Southeast CPAC Cancellation Notice 6-25-2020.pdf6/25/2020AgendaSoutheast CPAC Cancellation Notice 6-25-2020
Southeast CPAC Cancellation Notice 5-28-2020.pdf5/28/2020AgendaSoutheast CPAC Cancellation Notice 5-28-2020
Southeast CPAC Cancellation Notice 4-23-2020.pdf4/23/2020AgendaSoutheast CPAC Cancellation Notice 4-23-2020
Southeast CPAC Cancellation Notice 3-26-2020.pdf3/26/2020AgendaSoutheast CPAC Cancellation Notice 3-26-2020
Southeast CPAC Agenda 2-27-2020.pdf2/27/2020AgendaSoutheast CPAC Agenda 2-27-2020
Southeast CPAC Action Summary 2-27-2020.pdf2/27/2020Action SummarySoutheast CPAC Action Summary 2-27-2020
Southeast CPAC Cancellation Notice 1-23-2020.pdf1/23/2020AgendaSoutheast CPAC Cancellation Notice 1-23-2020
collapse Year : 2019 ‎(16)
Southeast CPAC Cancellation Notice 12-26-2019.pdf12/26/2019AgendaSoutheast CPAC Cancellation Notice 12-26-2019
Southeast CPAC Cancellation Notice 11-28-2019.pdf11/28/2019AgendaSoutheast CPAC Cancellation Notice 11-28-2019
Southeast CPAC Cancellation Notice 10-24-2019.pdf10/24/2019AgendaSoutheast CPAC Cancellation Notice 10-24-2019
Southeast CPAC Agenda 9-26-2019.pdf9/26/2019AgendaSoutheast CPAC Agenda 9-26-2019
Southeast CPAC Action Summary 9-26-2019.pdf9/26/2019Action SummarySoutheast CPAC Action Summary 9-26-2019
Southeast CPAC Cancellation Notice 8-22-2019.pdf8/22/2019AgendaSoutheast CPAC Cancellation Notice 8-22-2019
Southeast CPAC Cancellation Notice 7-25-2019.pdf7/25/2019AgendaSoutheast CPAC Cancellation Notice 7-25-2019
Southeast CPAC Agenda 6-27-2019.pdf6/27/2019AgendaSoutheast CPAC Agenda 6-27-2019
Southeast CPAC Action Summary 6-27-2019.pdf6/27/2019Action SummarySoutheast CPAC Action Summary 6-27-2019
Southeast CPAC Agenda 5-23-2019.pdf5/23/2019AgendaSoutheast CPAC Agenda 5-23-2019
Southeast CPAC Action Summary 5-23-2019.pdf5/23/2019Action SummarySoutheast CPAC Action Summary 5-23-2019
Southeast CPAC Cancellation Notice 4-25-2019.pdf4/25/2019AgendaSoutheast CPAC Cancellation Notice 4-25-2019
Southeast CPAC Agenda 3-28-2019.pdf3/28/2019AgendaSoutheast CPAC Agenda 3-28-2019
Southeast CPAC Action Summary 3-28-2019.pdf3/28/2019Action SummarySoutheast CPAC Action Summary 3-28-2019
Southeast CPAC Cancellation Notice 2-28-2019.pdf2/28/2019AgendaSoutheast CPAC Cancellation Notice 2-28-2019
Southeast CPAC Cancellation Notice 1-24-2019.pdf1/24/2019AgendaSoutheast CPAC Cancellation Notice 1-24-2019
collapse Year : 2018 ‎(15)
Southeast CPAC Agenda 12-27-2018.pdf12/27/2018AgendaSoutheast CPAC Agenda 12-27-2018
Southeast CPAC Action Summary 12-27-2018.docx.pdf12/27/2018Action SummarySoutheast CPAC Action Summary 12-27-2018.docx
Southeast CPAC Cancellation Notice 11-22-2018.pdf11/22/2018AgendaSoutheast CPAC Cancellation Notice 11-22-2018
Southeast CPAC Agenda 10-25-2018.pdf10/25/2018AgendaSoutheast CPAC Agenda 10-25-2018
Southeast Area CPAC Agenda.pdf9/27/2018AgendaSoutheast Area CPAC Agenda
Southeast Action Summary 9-27-2018.pdf9/27/2018Action SummarySoutheast Action Summary 9-27-2018
Southeast CPAC Agenda 08-23-2018.pdf8/23/2018AgendaSoutheast CPAC Agenda 08-23-2018
Southeast CPAC Action Summary 8.23.18.pdf8/23/2018Action SummarySoutheast CPAC Action Summary 8.23.18
Southeast CPAC Cancellation Notice 07-26-2018.pdf7/26/2018AgendaSoutheast CPAC Cancellation Notice 07-26-2018
Southeast CPAC Cancellation Notice 06-28-2018.pdf6/28/2018AgendaSoutheast CPAC Cancellation Notice 06-28-2018
Southeast CPAC Agenda 05-24-2018.pdf5/24/2018AgendaSoutheast CPAC Agenda 05-24-2018
Southeast CPAC Cancellation Notice 04-26-2018.pdf4/26/2018AgendaSoutheast CPAC Cancellation Notice 04-26-2018
Southeast CPAC Agenda 03-22-2018.pdf3/22/2018AgendaSoutheast CPAC Agenda 03-22-2018
Southeast CPAC Agenda 02-22-2018.pdf2/22/2018AgendaSoutheast CPAC Agenda 02-22-2018
Southeast Meeting Agenda 01-25-2018.pdf1/25/2018AgendaSoutheast Meeting Agenda 01-25-2018
collapse Year : 2017 ‎(12)
Southeast CPAC Cancellation Notice 12-28-2017.pdf12/28/2017AgendaSoutheast CPAC Cancellation Notice 12-28-2017
Southeast CPAC Meeting Cancellation 10-26-2017.pdf10/26/2017AgendaSoutheast CPAC Meeting Cancellation 10-26-2017
Southeast CPAC Meeting Cancellation 09-28-2017.pdf9/28/2017AgendaSoutheast CPAC Meeting Cancellation 09-28-2017
Southeast CPAC Meeting Agenda 08-24-2017.pdf8/24/2017AgendaSoutheast CPAC Meeting Agenda 08-24-2017
Southeast CPAC Meeting Minutes 08-24-2017.pdf8/24/2017MinutesSoutheast CPAC Meeting Minutes 08-24-2017
Southeast CPAC Meeting Cancellation 07-27-2017.pdf7/27/2017AgendaSoutheast CPAC Meeting Cancellation 07-27-2017
Southeast CPAC Meeting Cancellation 06-22-2017.pdf6/22/2017AgendaSoutheast CPAC Meeting Cancellation 06-22-2017
Southeast CPAC Meeting Cancellation 5-25-2017.pdf5/25/2017AgendaSoutheast CPAC Meeting Cancellation 5-25-2017
Southeast CPAC Meeting Agenda 04-27-2017.pdf4/27/2017AgendaSoutheast CPAC Meeting Agenda 04-27-2017
Southeast CPAC Meeting Cancellation 03-23-17.pdf3/23/2017AgendaSoutheast CPAC Meeting Cancellation 03-23-17
Southeast CPAC Meeting Cancellation 02-23-2017.pdf2/23/2017AgendaSoutheast CPAC Meeting Cancellation 02-23-2017
Southeast CPAC Cancellation Notice 1-26-17.pdf1/26/2017AgendaSoutheast CPAC Cancellation Notice 1-26-17
collapse Year : 2016 ‎(13)
Southeast CPAC Meeting Agenda 12-22-2016.pdf12/22/2016AgendaSoutheast CPAC Meeting Agenda 12-22-2016
Southeast CPAC Meeting Minutes 12-22-16.pdf12/22/2016MinutesSoutheast CPAC Meeting Minutes 12-22-16
Southeast CPAC Meeting Cancellation 11-24-2016.pdf11/24/2016AgendaSoutheast CPAC Meeting Cancellation 11-24-2016
Southeast CPAC Meeting Agenda 10-27-2016.pdf10/27/2016AgendaSoutheast CPAC Meeting Agenda 10-27-2016
Southeast CPAC Meeting Agenda 09-22-2016.pdf9/22/2016AgendaSoutheast CPAC Meeting Agenda 09-22-2016
Southeast CPAC Meeting Cancellation 08-25-2016.pdf8/25/2016AgendaSoutheast CPAC Meeting Cancellation 08-25-2016
Southeast CPAC Meeting Cancellation 07-28-2016.pdf7/28/2016AgendaSoutheast CPAC Meeting Cancellation 07-28-2016
Southeast CPAC Meeting Agenda 06-23-2016.pdf6/23/2016AgendaSoutheast CPAC Meeting Agenda 06-23-2016
Southeast CPAC Meeting Cancellation 05-26-2016.pdf5/26/2016AgendaSoutheast CPAC Meeting Cancellation 05-26-2016
Southeast CPAC Meeting Agenda 04-28-2016.pdf4/28/2016AgendaSoutheast CPAC Meeting Agenda 04-28-2016
Southeast CPAC Meeting Agenda 03-24-2016.pdf3/24/2016AgendaSoutheast CPAC Meeting Agenda 03-24-2016
Southeast CPAC Meeting Agenda 02-25-2016.pdf2/25/2016AgendaSoutheast CPAC Meeting Agenda 02-25-2016
Southeast CPAC Meeting Agenda 01-28-2016.pdf1/28/2016AgendaSoutheast CPAC Meeting Agenda 01-28-2016
collapse Year : 2015 ‎(15)
Southeast CPAC Meeting Cancellation 12-24-2015.pdf12/24/2015AgendaSoutheast CPAC Meeting Cancellation 12-24-2015
Southeast CPAC Meeting Cancellation 11-26-2015.pdf11/26/2015AgendaSoutheast CPAC Meeting Cancellation 11-26-2015
Southeast CPAC Meeting Cancellation 10-22-2015.pdf10/22/2015AgendaSoutheast CPAC Meeting Cancellation 10-22-2015
Southeast CPAC Meeting Cancellation 08-27-2015.pdf9/25/2015AgendaSoutheast CPAC Meeting Cancellation 08-27-2015
Southeast CPAC Meeting Cancellation 09-24-2015.pdf9/25/2015AgendaSoutheast CPAC Meeting Cancellation 09-24-2015
Southeast CPAC Meeting Agenda 07-23-2015.pdf7/23/2015AgendaSoutheast CPAC Meeting Agenda 07-23-2015
Southeast CPAC Meeting Agenda 06-25-2015.pdf6/25/2015AgendaSoutheast CPAC Meeting Agenda 06-25-2015
Southeast CPAC Meeting Agenda 05-28-2015.pdf5/28/2015AgendaSoutheast CPAC Meeting Agenda 05-28-2015
Southeast CPAC Meeting Minutes 05-28-2015.pdf5/28/2015MinutesSoutheast CPAC Meeting Minutes 05-28-2015
Southeast CPAC Meeting Agenda 04-23-2015.pdf4/23/2015AgendaSoutheast CPAC Meeting Agenda 04-23-2015
Southeast CPAC Meeting Agenda 03-26-2015.pdf3/26/2015AgendaSoutheast CPAC Meeting Agenda 03-26-2015
Southeast CPAC Meeting Minutes 03-26-2015.pdf3/26/2015MinutesSoutheast CPAC Meeting Minutes 03-26-2015
South East CPAC Meeting Agenda 02-26-2015.pdf2/26/2015AgendaSouth East CPAC Meeting Agenda 02-26-2015
Southeast CPAC Meeting Cancellation 1-22-2015.pdf1/22/2015AgendaSoutheast CPAC Meeting Cancellation 1-22-2015
COS-SE Agenda 01-08-2015.pdf1/8/2015AgendaCOS-SE Agenda 01-08-2015
collapse Year : 2014 ‎(16)
SE Cancellation 11-13-2014.pdf11/13/2014AgendaSE Cancellation 11-13-2014
SE-COS Joint CPAC Agenda 10-22-2014.pdf10/22/2014AgendaSE-COS Joint CPAC Agenda 10-22-2014
SE Cancellation 10-09-2014.pdf10/9/2014AgendaSE Cancellation 10-09-2014
SE Agenda 09-11-2014.pdf9/11/2014AgendaSE Agenda 09-11-2014
SE Agenda 08-14-2014.pdf8/14/2014AgendaSE Agenda 08-14-2014
SE Cancellation 07-10-2014.pdf7/10/2014AgendaSE Cancellation 07-10-2014
SE Agenda 06-12-2014.pdf6/12/2014AgendaSE Agenda 06-12-2014
SE Minutes 06-12-2014.pdf6/12/2014MinutesSE Minutes 06-12-2014
SE Cancellation 05-08-2014.pdf5/8/2014AgendaSE Cancellation 05-08-2014
SE Cancellation 04-10-2014.pdf4/10/2014AgendaSE Cancellation 04-10-2014
SE Agenda 03-20-2014Special Meeting.pdf3/20/2014AgendaSE Agenda 03-20-2014Special Meeting
SE Minutes 03-20-2014.pdf3/20/2014MinutesSE Minutes 03-20-2014
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