Florin-Vineyard Gap CPAC Agendas & Minutes Archive

(Joint Meeting with Vineyard and South Sacramento CPACs)

During 2009-2010 the Vineyard and South Sacramento CPACs met jointly to deliberate on the Florin-Vineyard Gap project. Vis​it the Florin-Vineyard Gap Community Plan page for more information on this project.. 

To view documents, click the + next to Year, and then click on the link to the document you want to see. For alternative versions of these documents, please contact the Planning Department at sacplan@saccounty.net.

collapse Year : 2010 ‎(8)
Agenda FV Gap 01-11-2010.pdf1/11/2010Agenda
Minutes FV Gap 01-11-2010.pdf1/11/2010Minutes
01-19-2010 FV Gap Cancellation.pdf1/19/2010Agenda
FV Gap Agenda 1-19-10.pdf1/19/2010Agenda
Agenda FV Gap 02-24-2010.pdf2/24/2010Agenda
Agenda FV Gap 06-16-2010.pdf6/16/2010Agenda
Agenda FV Gap 07-21-2010.pdf7/21/2010Agenda
10-07-10 FV Gap Minutes.pdf10/7/2010Minutes
collapse Year : 2009 ‎(13)
Florin-Vineyard Gap CPAC Revised Specific Agenda June 4, 2009.pdf6/4/2009Agenda
Florin-Vineyard Gap CPAC Meeting Agenda June 4, 2009.pdf6/4/2009Agenda
Florin-Vineyard Gap CPAC Meeting Powerpoint July 15, 2009.pdf7/15/2009Agenda
Florin-Vineyard Gap CPAC Meeting Agenda July 15, 2009.pdf7/15/2009Agenda
Florin-Vineyard Gap CPAC July 15 and 29 Hearing Notice.pdf7/15/2009Agenda
Florin-Vineyard Gap CPAC July 15, 2009 Questions and Comments.pdf7/15/2009Minutes
Florin-Vineyard Gap July 29, 2009 Meeting Agenda (Revised 7-27-09).pdf7/29/2009Agenda
Florin-Vineyard CPAC August 11 and 18 Meeting Agenda.pdf8/11/2009Agenda
Florin-Vineyard CPAC August 18 Action Summary.pdf8/18/2009Minutes
Florin-Vineyard CPAC September 18, 2009 Agenda.pdf9/18/2009Agenda
Florin-Vineyard CPAC September 30, 2009 Meeting Agenda.pdf9/30/2009Agenda
Florin-Vineyard CPAC December 17, 2009 Agenda (Revision II).pdf12/17/2009Agenda
FV Gap Meeting Minutes 12-17-09.pdf12/17/2009Minutes